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pex - 1.1.7

Библиотека и утилита для генерации .pex (Python EXecutable) файлов. Изменения описаны по ссылке https://allmychanges.com/p/python/pex/#1.1.7. Скачать можно по ссылке: None


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A library and tool for generating .pex (Python EXecutable) files.
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  • Released at May 23, 2016 Tweet
    Source: GitHubReleases.html
  • Released at April 27, 2016
    Source: GitHubReleases.html



    This release is a quick fix for a regression that inadvertently went out in 1.1.5 (Issue #243).

  • Released at April 21, 2016 Tweet
    Source: GitHubReleases.html



    • Fix PEXBuilder.clone and thus bdist_pex --pex-args for --python and --python-shebang: #234 fixed #233

    • Fix old pkg_resources egg version normalization: #227 fixed #226

    • Fix the inherit_path handling: #224

    • Fix handling of bad distribution script names when used as the pex entrypoint: #221 fixed #220

  • Released at March 12, 2016
    Source: GitHubReleases.html



    This release provides a quick fix for a regression that inadvertently went out in 1.1.3 (Issue #216).

    • Add a test for the regression in FixedEggMetadata._zipinfo_name and revert the breaking commit. Fixes #216
  • Released at March 11, 2016
    Source: GitHubReleases.html



    This release includes an initial body of work towards Windows support, ABI tag support for CPython 2.x and a fix for version number normalization.

    • Add python 2.x abi tag support. #214

    • Add .idea to .gitignore. #205

    • Don't normalize version numbers as names. #204

    • More fixes for windows. #202

    • Fixes to get pex to work on windows. #198

  • Released at Jan. 8, 2016
    Source: GitHubReleases.html
  • Released at Dec. 1, 2015 Tweet
    Source: GitHubReleases.html



    • Fix infinite recursion when PEX_PYTHON points at a symlink. #182

    • Add /etc/pexrc to the list of pexrc locations to check. #183

    • Improve error messaging for platform constrained Untranslateable errors. #179

  • Released at Oct. 9, 2015
    Source: GitHubReleases.html



    • Add support for .pexrc files for influencing the pex environment. See the notes here. #128.

    • Bug fix: PEX_PROFILE_FILENAME and PEX_PROFILE_SORT were not respected. #154.

    • Adds the bdist_pex command to setuptools. #99.

    • Bug fix: We did not normalize package names in ResolvableSet, so it was possible to depend on sphinx and Sphinx-1.4a0.tar.gz and get two versions build and included into the pex. #147.

    • Adds a pex-identifying User-Agent. #101.

  • Released at Aug. 11, 2015 Tweet
    Source: GitHubReleases.html



    • Bug fix: Accommodate OSX Python python binaries. Previously the OSX python distributions shipped with OSX, XCode and available via https://www.python.org/downloads/ could fail to be detected using the PythonInterpreter class. Fixes #144.

    • Bug fix: PEX_SCRIPT failed when the script was from a not-zip-safe egg. Original PR #139.

    • Bug fix: sys.exit called without arguments would cause None to be printed on stderr since pex 1.0.1. #143

  • Released at Aug. 4, 2015 Tweet
    Source: GitHubReleases.html



    • Bug fix: PEX-INFO values were overridden by environment Variables with default values that were not explicitly set in the environment. Fixes #135

    • Bug fix: Since 69649c1 we have been unpatching the side-effects of sys.modules after PEX.execute. This takes all modules imported during the PEX lifecycle and sets all their attributes to None. Unfortunately, sys.excepthook, atexit and __del__ may still try to operate using these tainted modules, causing exceptions on interpreter teardown. This reverts just the sys unpatching so that the abovementioned teardown hooks behave more predictably. Fixes #141

  • Released at July 6, 2015
    Source: GitHubReleases.html



    • Allow PEXBuilder to optionally copy files into the PEX environment instead of hard-linking them.

    • Allow PEXBuilder to optionally skip precompilation of .py files into .pyc files.

    • Bug fix: PEXBuilder did not respect the target interpreter when compiling source to bytecode. Fixes #127.

    • Bug fix: Fix complex resolutions when using a cache. Fixes: #120.

  • Released at June 1, 2015
    Source: GitHubReleases.html
  • Released at Feb. 15, 2015
    Source: GitHubReleases.html
  • Released at Jan. 30, 2015
    Source: GitHubReleases.html


    Includes a number of performance improvements and a couple bug fixes.

  • Released at Dec. 3, 2014
    Source: GitHubReleases.html


    Bug fix: Fix issue where it'd be possible to os.path.getmtime on a remote Link object. Fixes #29.

  • Released at Dec. 2, 2014
    Source: GitHubReleases.html


    • API change: Decouple translation from package iteration. This removes the Obtainer construct entirely, which likely means if you're using PEX as a library, you will need to change your code if you were doing anything nontrivial. This adds a couple new options to resolve but simplifies the story around how to cache packages. RB #785
    • Refactor http handling in pex to allow for alternate http implementations. Adds support for requests,
      improving both performance and security. For more information, read the commit notes at 91c7f32.
      RB #778

    • Improvements to API documentation throughout.
    • Renamed Tracer to TraceLogger to prevent nondeterministic isort ordering.
    • Refactor tox.ini to increase the number of environment combinations and improve coverage.
    • Adds HTTP retry support for the RequestsContext. RB #1303
    • Make pex --version correct. Issue #19
    • Bug fix: Fix over-aggressive sys.modules scrubbing for namespace packages. Under certain circumstances, namespace packages in site-packages could conflict with packages within a PEX, causing them to fail importing. RB #1378
    • Bug fix: Replace uses of os.unsetenv(...) with del os.environ[...] Pull Request #11
    • Bug fix: Scrub sys.path and sys.modules based upon both supplied path and realpath of files and directories. Newer versions of virtualenv on Linux symlink site-packages which caused those packages to not be removed from sys.path correctly. Issue #21
    • Bug fix: The pex -s option was not correctly pulling in transitive dependencies. Issue #22
    • Bug fix: Adds content method to HTTP contexts that does HTML content decoding, fixing an encoding issue only experienced when using Python 3. Issue #10

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