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Webinar: введение в SciPy экосистему


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Ben Root

Introduction to the SciPy Ecosystem

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1pm - New York | 6pm - London | 10:30pm - Mumbai | Wed, Jun 1st at 1am - Beijing | Wed, Jun 1st at 2am - Tokyo | Wed, Jun 1st at 3am - Sydney

Presented by: Ben Root

Duration: Approximately 90 minutes.

Cost: Free

Questions? Please send email to



Python has a large and active scientific programming community, and additional tools are being developed all the time. Orienting yourself within this new world can be confusing. Join Ben Root as he offers a high-level overview of the SciPy ecosystem and highlights some of his favorite tools to get you started with SciPy.

About Ben Root

Ben Root is a scientific programmer at Atmospheric and Environmental Research, Inc., with BS and MS degrees in meteorology. When he isn't working, Ben is still programming (or thinking about programming). He's a core developer for the Matplotlib package and an active contributor to several other SciPy packages. He is the author of Interactive Applications Using Matplotlib and has presented his "Anatomy of Matplotlib" tutorial at the annual SciPy conference for three years running. Even when Ben is relaxing and chatting with friends, he is still talking about programming, so his friends gave him a microphone and had him talk about Python and open source programming for scientists to everyone on the Internet.


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