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Обратный отсчет до окончания поддержки python2.

Как многим уже известно об окончании поддержки python 2 будет объявлено на PyCon 2020, так вот по ссылке обратный отсчет времени до этого момента.


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Python 2.7 will retire in...

What's all this, then?

Python 2.7 will not be maintained past 2020. No official date has been given, so this clock counts down until April 12th, 2020, which will be roughly the time of the 2020 PyCon. I am hereby suggesting we make PyCon 2020 the official end-of-life date, and we throw a massive party to celebrate all that Python 2 has done for us. (If this sounds interesting to you, email [email protected]).

If the code you care about is still on Python 2, that's totally understandable. In a perfect world, the transition from Python 2 to Python 3 would be easy and simple, and it might be for many use cases. There are lots of resources to help make the transition, and the community is there to help.

Python 2, thank you for your years of faithful service.

Python 3, your time is now.

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