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Feed2toot 0.6

RSS -> Mastodon bot


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Feed2toot 0.6, the RSS to Mastodon bot, released

I just released the version 0.6 of Feed2toot, a self hosted bot to automatically post RSS feeds to Mastodon, a free (as in free software) and decentralized social network.

Thanks a lot to all involved contributors (read the changelog for details), this version is mostly their work.


What’s the purpose of Feed2toot?

If you have a blog and that you want to automatically post your new blog post on Mastodon, you can use Feed2toot. You also may want to create a Mastodon bot to broadcast news to Mastodon from a RSS feed.

Feed2toot is Python self-hosted app, the source code is easy to read and you can enjoy the official documentation online with lots of examples.

What’s new in 0.6?

  • starting from 0.6 you can define a name for a feed, accessible with the {feedname} variable in the toot format of your configuration file. If you have a lot of RSS feeds, you can identify with a quick look what news comes from what feed. This new feature was contributed by Alexis Metaireau (fr).
  • the toot visibility is now managed by Feed2toot. You can switch to a more restricted visibility if you need it. This feature was contributed by The Dod.

… and finally

You can help me developing tools for Mastodon by donating anything through Liberaypay (also possible with cryptocurrencies). Any contribution will be appreciated. That’s a big factor motivation 😉

You also may follow my account @carlchenet on Mastodon 😉

Carl Chenet On Mastodon


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