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django-DefectDojo - приложение для анализа безопасности и уязвимостей


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Screenshot of DefectDojo

DefectDojo is a security program and vulnerability management tool. DefectDojo allows you to manage your application security program, maintain product and application information, schedule scans, triage vulnerabilities and push findings into defect trackers. Consolidate your findings into one source of truth with DefectDojo.

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Quick Start

$ git clone https://github.com/DefectDojo/django-DefectDojo
$ cd django-DefectDojo
$ ./setup.bash
$ ./run_dojo.bash

navigate to


If you'd like to check out a demo of DefectDojo before installing it, you can check out our PythonAnywhere demo site.

You can log in as an administrator like so:


You can also log in as a product owner / non-staff user:

Product owner

Additional Documentation

For additional documentation you can visit our Read the Docs site.

Installation Options

Getting Started

We recommend checking out the about document to learn the terminology of DefectDojo, and the getting started guide for setting up a new installation. We've also created some example workflows that should give you an idea of how to use DefectDojo for your own team.

DefectDojo Client API's

  • DefectDojo Python API: pip install defectdojo_api or clone the repository.

Getting Involved


Get Access. Realtime discussion is done in the OWASP Slack Channel, #defectdojo.


DefectDojo Twitter Account tweets project updates and changes.

Available Plugins

Engagement Surveys - A plugin that adds answerable surveys to engagements.

LDAP Integration

SAML Integration

Multi-Factor Auth

About Us

DefectDojo is maintained by:


We greatly appreciate all of our contributors.

We would also like to highlight the contributions from Michael Dong and Fatimah Zohra who contributed to DefectDojo before it was open source.

Swag Rewards

If you fix an issue with the swag reward tag, we'll send you a shirt and some stickers!

Dojo tshirt front Dojo tshirt back


Proceeds are used for testing, infrastructure, etc.




Interested in becoming a sponsor and having your logo displayed? Please email greg.anderson@owasp.org


DefectDojo is licensed under the BSD Simplified license

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