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sheetfu - библиотека для Google Sheets V4 API


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Sheetfu was built to interacts with Google Sheets with a simple, intuitive, and fast API. The primary goal of this library is to adapt the Google App Script API for spreadsheets, to Python. With Sheetfu, you can easily get or set cell values, background colors, font colors or any other cell attributes.


Install and update using pip:

pip install -U Sheetfu

A Simple Example

from sheetfu import SpreadsheetApp

spreadsheet = SpreadsheetApp('path/to/secret.json').open_by_id('<insert spreadsheet id here>')
sheet = spreadsheet.get_sheet_by_name('Sheet1')
data_range = sheet.get_data_range()           # returns the sheet range that contains data values.

# this is how you get things
values = data_range.get_values()              # returns a 2D matrix of values.
backgrounds = data_range.get_backgrounds()    # returns a 2D matrix of background colors in hex format.

# this is how you set things
data_range.set_background('#000000')          # set every cell backgrounds to black
data_range.set_font_color('#ffffff')          # set every cell font colors to white

To obtain your secret json file, you can refer to the authentication tutorial.

The Table module

Sheetfu also contains a table module that abstracts completely the coordinates system for an ORM-like syntax. The example below is for a sheet with the 3 columns 'name', 'surname' and 'age'.

from sheetfu import Table

spreadsheet = SpreadsheetApp('path/to/secret.json').open_by_id('<insert spreadsheet id here>')
data_range = spreadsheet.get_sheet_by_name('people').get_data_range()

table = Table(data_range, backgrounds=True)

for item in table:
    if item.get_field_value('name') == 'foo':
        item.set_field_value('surname', 'bar')              # this set the surname field value
    age = item.get_field_value('age')
    item.set_field_value('age', age + 1)
    item.set_field_background('age', '#ff0000')             # this set the field 'age' to red color

# Every set functions are batched for speed performance.
# To send the batch update of every set requests you made,
# you need to commit the table object as follow.


For guidance on how to make a contribution to Sheetfu, see the contributing guidelines.


If you are looking for the original sheetfu google apps script library, it has been relocated to this page.

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