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The Real Python Podcast – Episode #14: Going Serverless with Python



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Episode 14: Going Serverless with Python

Jun 19, 2020 54m

Would you like to run your Python code in the cloud without having to become an infrastructure engineer? Do you want to have Python functions that run when triggered by specific events? This week on the show we have Anthony Chu to discuss serverless computing and running python functions in the cloud. Anthony Chu is program manager for Microsoft’s Azure Functions.

We discuss the advantages of serverless computing over virtual machines, containers, and other infrastructure options for running your Python code in the cloud. Anthony also talks about the types of projects suited for this type of platform, including data science, machine learning, and creating APIs.

Course Spotlight: A Beginner’s Guide to Pip

This course is a great introduction to pip for those who are getting started Python, and for those who want to understand more about what is happening when you install new packages into your environment. It’s a worthy investment of your time to understand the fundamentals of pip.


  • 00:00:00 – Introduction
  • 00:01:22 – Microsoft Build 2020
  • 00:02:16 – What is serverless computing?
  • 00:06:59 – Using VSCode for serverless development
  • 00:08:54 – What is blob storage?
  • 00:12:08 – Adding Python to Azure Functions
  • 00:16:25 – What are common serverless projects?
  • 00:20:32 – Serverless containers
  • 00:24:00 – Video Course Spotlight
  • 00:25:28 – Accessing from a CLI
  • 00:29:31 – Versions of Python available
  • 00:32:50 – Running from your own Kubernetes cluster
  • 00:36:03 – Advantages and disadvantages to using serverless
  • 00:38:31 – Other services
  • 00:39:25 – Durable functions for Python
  • 00:51:04 – What are you excited about in the world of Python?
  • 00:52:42 – What do you want to learn next in Python?
  • 00:53:56 – Thanks and goodbye

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