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Quickstart for Playing With LLMs Locally

This is a simple, quick guide to getting started running LLMs on your local computer. It covers the basics of the powerful libraries Ollama and LangChain for controlling these AI models.

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Satellites Spotting Ships

Umbra Space has released a data set consisting of satellite based radar images of shipping. This article from Mark shows you how to grab the data, visualize, and annotate it.

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Django SQLite Production Config

SQLite! Учитывайте ограничение SQLite - блокировку при записи.

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How I Built a Bot Publishing Italian Paintings on Bluesky

This article describes Nicolò’s project to build a bot that retrieves images from Wikimedia, selecting the best ones, and deploying it to the cloud.

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Starting and Stopping uvicorn in the Background

Learn how to start and stop uvicorn in the background using a randomly selected free port number. Useful for running test suites that require live-webservers.

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How to Create Pivot Tables With pandas

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create pivot tables using pandas. You'll explore the key features of DataFrame's pivot_table() method and practice using them to aggregate your data in different ways.

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Export Journal Feature - Building SaaS with Python and Django #191

In this episode, I started with cleaning up a few small items. After those warmups, we moved on to building an export feature that will allow users to take their journal entries if they want to leave the service.

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GraphQL-like features in Django Rest Framework

Add GraphQL-inspired flexible fields to Django REST Framework.

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The Python calendar Module: Create Calendars With Python

Learn to use the Python calendar module to create and customize calendars in plain text, HTML or directly in your terminal.

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Generating Fake Django Model Instances With Factory Boy

Writing good tests means having data to test with. The factory-boy library helps you create fake data that you can use with your tests. This article shows you how to use factory-boy with Django ORM models.

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