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Hello, and welcome to podcast.in it the podcast about Python and the people who make it great. When you're ready to launch your next app, I want to try a project you hear about on the show you need somewhere to deploy it. So take a look at our friends over at winnowed. With 200 gigabit private networking, scalable shared block storage, node balancers, and a 40 gigabit public network all controlled by a brand new API, you can get everything you need to scale up. And for your tasks that need fast computation, such as training machine learning models and running your continuous integration, they just launched dedicated CPU instances, go to Python podcast.com slash the node that's LINODE. Today to get a $20 credit and launch a new server and under a minute, and don't forget to thank them for the continued support of this show. Taking a look at recent trends in the data science and analytics landscape, it's becoming increasingly advantageous to have a deep understanding of both SQL into Python. A hybrid model of analytics can achieve a more harmonious relationship between the two languages. Read more about the Python and SQL intersection and

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slash in it that's INIT. Specifically will be focusing on their similarities rather than their differences. And you listen to this show to learn and stay up to date with the ways that Python is being used, including the latest in machine learning and data analysis. For even more opportunities to meet listen and learn from your peers you don't want to miss out on this year's conference season. We have partnered with organizations such as O'Reilly Media Day diversity Corinthian global Intelligence Center data Council. Upcoming events include the O'Reilly AI conference, the strata data conference, the combined events of the data architecture, summit and graph forum and data Council in Barcelona. Go to Python podcast.com slash conferences today to learn more about these and other events and take advantage of our partner discounts when you register. Your host, as usual, is Tobias Macey. And today I'm interviewing Robert Hodges, about how the PI Data ecosystem can play nicely with data warehouses. So Robert, can you start by introducing yourself?

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